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Latafiyya Dhikr

I seek protection with Allah from the accursed Shaytan (1)
A'udhu bi Llahi mina sh-shaytani r-Rajim(1)

Allah is subtle with His servants. he provides for whom He wills, and he is the Strong the Mighty. (1)
Allahu Latifun bi 'ibadihi, yarzuqu man yasha'u, wa huwa l'-Qawiyyu l-'Aziz (1)

O Subtle One, O Subtle One...(1000)
Ya Latifu, Ya Latif...(Ya Latif repeated 1000 times)

O You who deals subtly with His creation, O You who is in full knowledge of His creation, O You who is fully aware of His creation, deal with us subtly. O Subtle One, O Knower, O Aware. (3)
Ya Latifan bi khalqihi, ya 'Aliman bi khaliqihi, ya Khabiran bi khalqihi, Ultuf bina ya Latifu, ya 'Alimu ya Khabir. (3)

O Allah, You who was graceful in the creation of the heavens and the earth, You who is gentlw with children when they are in the wombs of their mothers, show gentleness and grace towards us, a grace that is fitting to Your Generosity and Your Mercy, O You who is the Most Merciful (1)
Allahumma ya man latafta fi khalqi s-samawati wa l-ard(i), wa latafta bi l-ajinnati fi butuni ummahatiha, ultuf bina lutfan yaliqu bi karamika wa rahmatika, ya arhama r-rahimin ya Allah. (1)

O Allah, You who has made sending praise on the Prohet among the ways to come close (to You), we seek to come closer to You with every commendation that has been sent on him since the first creation until what has no end concerning perfections.(1)
Allahumma ya man ja'alta s-salata 'ala n-nabiyyi min al-qurubat, nataqarrabu ilayka bi kulli salatun sulliyyat 'alayhi min awwali n-nashati ila ma la nihayata li l-kamalat. (1)

In the name of Allah, what Allah has willed, no one drives goodness except Allah.
In the name of Allah, what Allah has willed, no none turns away evil except Allah.
In the name of Allah, what Allah has willed, any blessings you have are from Allah.
In the name of Allah, what Allah has willed, there is no power nor strength except with Allah.(3)
Bismi Llahi Masha Allah, la yasuqu l-khayra illah Llah. Bismi Llahi Masha Allah, la yasrifu s-su'a illa Llah. Bismi Llahi Masha Allah, wa ma bikum min ni'matin, fa mina Llah. Bismi Llahi Masha Allah, la hawla wa la quwwata illah bi Llah.(3)

And may Allah bless and give peace to our chief Muhammad, his family and his companions.(1)
Wa salla Llahu 'ala sayyidina Muhammadin wa 'ala alihi wa sahbihi wa sallam.(1)

SUBTLE: (1) so slight as to be difficult to detect or analyze, (2) operating in a hidden way [American Heritage Dictonary, 3rd Edition]. LATIF: in the Arabic language: (1) the One who gives us our wants in a subtle way, (2) the One who does not wrong his servants even a little bit, (3) the One who shows grace to His creation by giving them their needs with gentleness and subtlety, (4) the One who knows the hidden delicacies of affairs [Fayruzabadi, The Encompassing Dictionary].

Listen to it here, Insha'allah (Shaykh Nuh Ha Mim Keller). (http://www.saleel.com/upload/misc/yalatif.ram)


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assalamu alaikum wr wb


I was actually looking for a good translation, and transliteration to give to some newbies (new to islam as well as the gatherings).

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Al-Lateef, One of Allah's Beautiful Names

From Taudeeh Al-Kaafiyah Ash-Shaafiyah (Nooniyah Ibn Al-Qayyim)

Quoted in "The Delight of Faith"
Compiled by Abdullah bin Jarullah Al-Jarullah, Dar As-Salaam, 1996

From His beautiful and excellent Names is the Ever-Discreetly Gentle (al-Lateef). He is the One Who is so Discreet in His Actions that He discerns the hidden and secret, and what the hearts are filled with. He also perceives what is in the lands, of enclosed grains and seeds. He is Ever-Gentle with His devoted slaves and makes things easy for them and keeps them away from difficulties. He makes the path to His Pleasure and Generosity easy for them. He protects them from every and means that may lead to His anger. This is through means that they may perceive as well as means that they do not perceive. He also decrees matters for them that they dislike in order for them to be granted what they love. He is Gentle with them with respect to their own souls as He guides them to His beautiful ways and His noble creations. He is Gentle with them with respect to matters that are external to them with every goodness and righteousness. The name Al-Lat.eef is close in its meaning to Al-Khabeer (the Well-Acquainted with all things), Al-Ra`oof (the Clement) and Al-Kareem (the Generous).

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Ajaban!!! (amazing)

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Thankyou brother saleel for this audio. Very nice and easy to follow.

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assalamu alaikum wr wb

I wanted to ask everyone if they attend the latifiya within their community whether or not the host serves you refreshments, snacks or a whole 3-7 course meal or not?

Do people expect to be fed when they attend the latifiyah gatherings? Do you expect to recieve beverages? snacks? desserts? a full course meal? Do you get upset if there is nothing offered? Do you only come for the food?

Do you hang around for more talk after the latifiyah or do you just quickly go, and then leave 5-10 mins after its finished so not to put the host out?

Do you sing qasidahs and nasheeds as well?
What exactly happens at your latifiyas that you would like to improve or see or not see?

For me I would like it to start on time and also not for some ppl to prolong it meaning its over ok you can stay for a bit to chat but if things have to be done, us with kids we have errands to run... its hard to do them if ppl hang around too long.
I think one time I was the only sister so the latifiyah started right on the spot with 4 brothers, and 2 bros left after it was over and 2 other bros (bachelors) hung out with my hubby until after isha, 10:30pm or so when they left.. the latifiyah started around 4. So all the errands we had to do, like grocery shopping was pushed off till the next day.
Also sometimes the host feels overburdened because they are hosting their space, so they have to prepare the place up then some ppl expect a full course 7 meal over that which is a bit too much i think though some ppl expect it and i wonder why.

I dont mean to offend anyone at all as this wasnt my intention, and I apologize if I did offend you and I also apologize if you happen to be one of these bros that stayed behind. But, just from a mother's point of view when things need to be taken care of, I dont want to use the entire day as the Latifiyah day but just as the Latifiyah hour or hours.


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Yes, I attended one latifiya dhikr by Shaykh Nuh Keller last year. To answer your questions...

I didn't go with the intention at all to eat food... it didn't even occur to me. I went because I was so excited to meet Shaykh Nuh Keller and learn from him (which :alhamd: I did). In fact, even if they did serve food after the latifiya and talk, I probably wouldn't have had any.

Yes, I got through the latifiya and then stayed for the short talk by Shaykh Nuh Keller. :alhamd: was brilliant experience. He was only sitting about a meter away from me, and the ajma were all gathered around (I was lucky enough to be right at the front). And to be honest, :mash: Shaykh Nuh Keller usually speaks in a very low tone, so you do usually need to be fairly close to him to listen to what he is saying.

In-terms of improvements, I wouldn't really be the right person to say, since I've only attended one...


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Wa alaikum as salaam wr wb

Our weekly latifiyya basically consists of doing the dhikr, listening to a dars by Shaykh Nuh for about fifteen minutes, and then refreshments. We usually manage to get everything done between maghrib and isha. It may be different for other communities. I do always wonder if I'm imposing by staying *too* long, though, and I don't get upset if nothing is offered. The dhikr is what's important.

Hope this helps, insha'Allah

Wa salam
Your brother in Islam

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Asalamu alaykum Akhi,

I gather you are a Mureed?

Bro, why are the gatherings so secretive and exclusive.

16-08-2004, 07:22 PM
Asalamu alaykum Akhi,

I gather you are a Mureed?

Bro, why are the gatherings so secretive and exclusive.

Wa alaikum as salaam

They shouldn't be. As far as I know, everyone is welcome to do the latiffiya. If it is that way, then I assume it's done to make sure that only genuine people take part and not, for example, salafis who wish to check out these 'goofy soofees' (as they put it).

Since the latiffiyas I take part in are in Saudi, we have to be somewhat secretive just because of the environment we're in (though even ours is open to those who wish to sincerely take part).

Wa salam
Your brother in Islam

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Shaykh Nuh on the permissibility of reciting the Latifiyya


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As Salaam Alaikum,

The latifiyya to my understanding is supposed to be aproximately 1hr only. 20 min for the dhikr, 20 min for listening to a dars of Shaikh Nuh, 20 suhba.

That's pretty much how the gathering go in Virginia. Occasionally we have a hadra afterwards but it's distinct from the latifiyya so people won't feel compelled to stay if they have to or want to leave.

The Shaikh mentioned he really wanted it to only be an hour in the November 2002 suhba.


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Akhi saleel, why latafiyya and not latifiyya?

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Assalamu 'alaikum,

Does anyone have an audio or arabic text link to Shadhili Qasidas that are sung at the end of the latifiyah? I think they are compiled in the form of a small booklet. There's one called "Allahu daim hay..." and others I can't remember.

Jazak Allahu Khairan.

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Salam sidi.. i have several audios... pm me and ill give em to u...

wa 'alaikum as-salam sidi,

i tried but it said i don't have sufficient rights or something. i'll email you instead.

edit: your account does not allow emails either. can you please email me?


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You need to apply for membership of the brothers group (user cp -> group memberships).

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this may be of help Akhi


http://www.tariqatapes.com (you will need to set-up an account)

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The Latifiyya and the question of Bid'ah: