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What is the meaning of ahlul kashf? I have read Imam-e-Azam Abu Hanifa(rh) was ahle kashf? What kind of qualities they have? Do they present in today's world?

18-09-2011, 10:23 AM

It means people who get Kashfs.

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As-Salaamu 'alaykum wa-Rahmatullah

The following is an entract from the book "AASHIQ-E-SAWDIQ"
By Shaykh Yunus Patel (RA) and it may offer you a better understanding of 'Ahlul Kashf'...


Rasulullah (Sallallaahu 'alayhi wa-Sallam) had said :

To illustrate this perception and insight of the heart, I will relate a story of a Jew who, having been informed of this quality of ‘firasat’, to be found in a Mu`min, decided to test the veracity and truth of the statement of Rasulullah (Sallallaahu 'alayhi wa-Sallam).

He donned the garb of a Muslim and approached Hazrat Junaid Baghdadi (Rahmatullah ‘alaih). After Salaam and some social niceties, he enquired : “What is this ‘firasat’ of a Mu`min?”

Hazrat Junaid Baghdadi (Rahmatullah ‘alaih) replied : “The firasat of a Mu`min is this: that you are a Jew and not a Muslim.” This manifestation of truth became a means of Hidayat (guidance) and the Jew embraced Islam.

Of course, the pre-condition to such ‘firasat’ is that the person has to be a true and perfect Mu`min (Believer); the ingredients of which are Taqwa and Righteous Deeds.


Hazrat Umar (RA) once dispatched an army under the command of Hazrat Saariya (RA) to Iraq. While the army was engaged in battle, he remained in Madina Sharief, occupied with his commitments as the Ameerul Mumineen.

One day, during this time, he was delivering a Khutbah in Musjidun Nabawi (Sallallaahu 'alayhi wa-Sallam) when he suddenly called out : “O Saariya, the mountain. O Saariya, the mountain.”

He was standing on the mimbar in Madina Sharief, yet he was warning Hazrat Saariya (RA), who was thousands of miles away, to look behind, towards the mountains…

On the arrival of one of the envoys of the army, Hazrat Umar (RA) inquired as to the outcome of the battle. He was told that the Muslim army was near being defeated when they heard the voice of Hazrat Umar (RA) warning : “O Saariya, the mountain.” On having heard this, Hazrat Saariya (RA) took necessary precautions, and thus the Muslims were able to overpower the enemy.

It was then that the people recalled the words of Hazrat ‘Umar (RA), which he had uttered during the Khutbah. …This was the heart given to him by Allah Ta’ala.

And this is not something difficult to believe … The camera and television are the inventions of recent times. So if the friends of Allah Ta’ala, with their inner sight, sometimes see that which ordinary eyes cannot behold, then what doubt can one have?


Another very famous incident which I have mentioned previously, is that of a person who attended one of the majaalis of Hazrat Uthman (RA), after having cast a lustful glance at a woman. One look at him, when he walked in, and Hazrat Uthman (RA) said : “What has happened to people that they come to me with the signs of zina (adultery) in their eyes.”

The eyes disclose many of the secrets of the heart. If there is Ishq (Love) of Allah in the heart, then its noor shines in the eyes. It was this same ‘betrayal’ of the eye which made Maulana Jalaluddeen Rumi (Rahmatullah ‘alaih) say to his Sheikh, Shamsuddin Tabrezi (Rahmatullah ‘alaih) : “A drunkard may attempt to conceal the odour of liquor which emanates from his mouth, but he will not succeed in concealing the effects of the intoxication manifest in the redness of his eyes. Therefore, O Shamsuddeen, your nightly Tahajjud and Muraqabah (meditation) cannot be concealed, because your eyes give you away. Your eyes reveal that you have consumed abundant pitchers from the love of Allah Ta’ala.”

If the heart is overwhelmed with sins, then the darkness of sins makes itself apparent in the eyes of a person. Those with purified hearts are able to easily recognize the condition of the heart of a person."

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