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Thread: Awwabin prayer help, and making up prayers

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    Default Awwabin prayer help, and making up prayers

    Asalam Alaykum, hope this finds you at peace and good health. i want to make up missed prayers (that were not optional) ,can i do this by praying volentary prayers? also, i know that the Awabeen prayer is after maghrib and is 6-20 rakkats, but how long after maghrib? thanks, also what is the reward for the prayer... im going to try to pray tahajjud, duha and awabin thank you
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    Default Re: Awwabin prayer help, and making up prayers

    No pray your qadha (missed prayers) with the intention of qadha. honestly I don't know if it's wise to be spending time praying nawafil if you have qadha prayers. Rather finish all of your qadha (whether that takes hours, days, or years) and then focus on nawafil. Also you will recieve more rewards for praying qadha than for nawafil (since qadha is from a higher category i.e. fardh), you will balance your account of missed prayers, and acquit yourself of the sin missing them and absolve yourself of your duty to those prayers.

    Awwabin can be prayed immediately after maghrib is prayed (I.e. right after you finish the 2 sunna)
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