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Thread: [urdu] biography of sultan salahuddin ayyubi

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    Default Re: [urdu] biography of sultan salahuddin ayyubi

    salam to all my brothers and sisters,

    hope so u r enjoying ur life like me

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    Default Re: Daastaan Imaan Faroshon Ki

    Quote Originally Posted by asadali View Post
    And if any one have Daastan iaman farooshon ki by Altamash plz upload on

    and share.

    Although this is a very old post but I would like to share "Daastan iaman farooshon ki by Altamash"

    Also the link for book shared by Ansari is not working. Kindly anyone shared valid link for this book and any other book on Sultan Salahuddin Ayubi R.A in urdu.

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