Some of the Benefits of the Beautiful Names of Allah Ta’ala

The following Names should be recited with firm belief and faith to obtain the special benefits.

“Ya Allaho” 1,000 times daily - Doubts will be removed and determination and faith will be acquired

“Ya Raheemo” 100 times after every Salaat - The person will be saved from all the calamities and people will begin to like him

“Ya Salaamo” 115 times and blow on a sick person - Inshallah, his health will be restored.

“Ya Razzaako” - 10 times before Fajr and blow in each of the four corners of the house starting from the right hand corner while facing the Kiblah - A) Allah Ta’ala will open the doors of rizq (sustenance). B) Sickness and poverty will not enter the house.

“Ya Lateefo” 133 times daily - The person will be granted abundance in rizq and all his tasks will be easily accomplished.

“Ya Shakooro” 41 times daily - Inshallah financial, physical, spiritual, mental etc. difficulties will be removed

“Ya Wadoodo” 1,000 times and blow on food. - If such food is consumed by the husband and wife, then their disputes will soon be removed and love and effection will result.

“Ya Shaheedo” 21 times while placing hand on the wife’s or child’s forehead and then blow on them. - Disobediant wife or child will soon become obedient, Inshallah.

“Ya Mateeno” - At the beginning of a woman’s pregnancy the husband should draw 70 circles with his finger on her belly and each time should recite Ya Mateeno - Inshallah, she will give birth to a son.

“Ya Ghani-o” 70 times daily - The person will be granted abundance in wealth and will become self sufficient, Inshallah

“Ya Rasheedo” 1,000 times between Maghrib and Isha - Any difficult task will be accomplished, Inshallah. Also recite the name daily for financial advancement and safety from all mishaps.

The Benefits of some of the Surahs

The following Surahs recited with firm belief and faith will result in the special benefits

Surah Dhuha - 70 times and repeat Wa wajadak Daalan fahada thrice each time and then pray - Lost belongings will be recovered, Inshallah.

Surah Inshiraah - Recite 7 to 40 times with Darood Sharif 3 times at beginning and at end. - For the relief from chest pains and rheumatism.

Surah Zilzaal - 70 times - For safety from hardship and difficulties. It is also effective for facial paralysis.

Surah Al-Qari-ah - 101 times - For the safety from the effects of evil eyes.

Surah Kauthar - 300 times in privacy - Enemies would be subdued.

Surah Kafiroon - 100 times - For the safety from calamities.

Surah Nasr - 100 times - For the victory over the enemies

Surah Ikhlaas a) 1000 times. B) 41 times - a) For the fulfilment of needs. B) For the cure of cough.

Surah Naas - 100 times - For the removal of the effects of spell.

Surah Fatiha - a) 7 times. B) 41 times in the last hours of the night - To earn livelihood without much labour.