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Thread: 99 Names of Allah (SWT)

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    Lightbulb 99 Names of Allah (SWT)

    Taken from Munthakab Ahadeeth of Shaykh Mohammed Yusuf Kandhalwi (RA) .

    The entire book to be made available on Central-Mosque soon, Insha'Allah.

    Abu Hurairah Radiyallahu 'anhu narrates that Rasulullah (Sallallaho alaihe wasallam) said: Verily there are ninety-nine names of Allah; one hundred less one, he who memorizes them enters Paradise. He is Allah besides Whom there is none worthy of worship, He is:

    1. Ar-Rahman: The Compassionate
    2. Ar-Rahim: The Most Merciful
    3. AI-Malik: The King
    4. Al-Quddus: The Most Holy
    5. As-Salam: The Granter of peace and Free of all Blemishes
    6. Al-Mu'min: The Granter of safety and security
    7. Al-Muhaimin: The Guardian of all things
    8. AI- 'Aziz: The Mighty
    9. Al-Jabbar: The Overpowering
    10. Al-Mutakabbir: The Greatest in Majesty
    11. AI-Khaliq: The Creator
    12. AI-Bari: The One Who brings creation into being
    13. Al-Musawwir: The One Who designs and gives shape to the creation
    14. Al-Ghaffar: The Continually Forgiving
    15. Al-Qahar: The Most Dominant
    16. Al-Wahab: The Most Generous Betower
    17. Ar-Razzaq: The Provider
    18. Al-Fattah: The Opener to the way of victory and Mercy
    19. Al-Alim: The All Knowing
    20. Al-Qabid: The withholder of sustence and life
    21. Al-Basit: The plentiful Giver
    22. Al-Khafid: The Abaser
    23. Al-Raf’i: The Exalter
    24. Al-Muiz: The Giver of Honour and dignity
    25. Al-Mudhil: The Giver of Disgrace
    26. As-Sami: The All Hearing
    27. Al-Basir: The All Seeing
    28. Al-Hakam: The indisputable Judge
    29. Al-Adl: The Just
    30. Al-Latif: The Most Generous
    31. Al-Khabir: The All Aware
    32. Al-Haleem: The Clement
    33. Al-Azeem: The Incomparibly Great
    34. Al-Ghafur: The All Forgiving
    35. Ash-Shakur: The Greatful Rewarder and Recompenser
    36. Al-Aliyyu: The Most High
    37. Al-Kabir: The Most Great
    38. Al-Hafiz: The Protector
    39. Al-Muqit: The Sustainer and Controller of All things
    40. Al-Hasib: The Reckoner
    41. Al-Jalil: The Majestic
    42. AL-Karim: The Generous and the Benevolent
    43. Ar-Raqib: The Watcher of all things
    44. Al-Mujib: The Answerere and the Responderer
    45. Al-Was’i: The Vast in His Knowledge and goodness
    46. Al-Hakim: The Most Wise
    47. Al- Wadud: The Most Loving
    48. Al-Majid: The Glorious and Exalted
    49. Al-Ba'ith: The Resurrector of the dead
    50. Ash-Shahid: The Witness
    51. Al-Haq: The Absolute True in His Being and Attributes
    52. Al- Wakil: The Trustee
    53. Al-Qawi: The Most Powerful
    54. Al-Mattin: The Most Firm
    55. Al- Wali: The Loving Patron and Supporter
    56. Al-Hamid: The Praiseworthy
    57. Al-Muhsi: The All-Knowing
    58. Al-Mubdi'u: The Originator of Creation
    59. AI-Mu 'id: The Recreator of Creation
    60. Al-Muhyi: The Giver of Life
    61. Al-Mumil: The Giver of Death
    62. AI-Hayy: The ever Living
    63. Al-Qayyum: The Eternal Sustainer
    64. Al- Wajid: The Self-Sufficient
    65. Al-Majid: The Grand'
    66. Al- Wahid: The One
    67. AI-Ahad: The Single
    68. As-Samad: The One Who Depends on none and all others depend on Him
    69. Al-Qadir: The Most Powerfully Able
    70. Al-Muqtadir: The Prevailing
    71. Al-Muqaddim: The Advancer
    72. Al-Muakhkhir: The Delayer
    73. Al-Awwal: The First
    74. Al- 'Akhir: The Last
    75. Az-Zahir: The Manifest
    76. Al-Batin The Hidden
    77. AI-Wali: The Governor
    78. Al-Muta'ali: The Sublime
    79. Al-Barr: The Amply Beneficent
    80. At-Tawwab: The Acceptor of Repentance
    81. Al-Muntaqim: The Avenger
    82. Al- 'Afwu: The Pardoner
    83. Ar-Rauf: The Benevolent, Sympathetic
    84. Malik ul Mulk: The Ruler of the Kingdom
    85. Dhul Jalali wal Ikram: The Sustainer of Majesty and Splendour
    86. Al-Muqsit: The Most Equitable
    87. A l-Jam i': The Gatherer
    88. Al-Ghani: The Self-Sufficient, Independent
    89. Al-Mughni: The Granter of Wealth and Sufficiency
    90. Al-Mani'u: The Depriver
    91. Ad-Darru: The Afflicter of Harm
    92. An-Nafi': The Granter of Benefits
    93. An-Nur: The Light
    94. Al-Hadi: The Guide
    95. Al-Badi': The First Causer and Creator
    96. Al-Baqi: The Enduring
    97. AI- Warith: The Inheritor
    98. Ar-Rashid: The Perfect Director
    99. As-Sabur: The Most Forbearing

    Note: Allah Subhanahu wa Ta'ala has many names as mentioned in the Qur' an and Ahadith. Of them, ninety nine are in this hadith, (Mazahir -e- Haque)
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    Default Re: 99 Names of Allah (SWT)

    Typos on #66 Al Wahid and #86 Al Muqsit

    Is "Allah" also included in the name, or has it a separate meaning?

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    Default Re: 99 Names of Allah (SWT)


    ... amazing!

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    Default Re: 99 Names of Allah (SWT)

    Quote Originally Posted by alfatiha View Post

    Typos on #66 Al Wahid and #86 Al Muqsit

    Is "Allah" also included in the name, or has it a separate meaning?



    Jazakullah Khairun

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    Default Re: 99 Names of Allah (SWT)

    Quote Originally Posted by True Life View Post


    ... amazing!

    I've heard this from Moulana Zulfiqar (DB) and he cites it from a Farsi tafsir of Qur'an. He mentions the mufassir is also quoted numerous times by Mufti Shafi (RAH).

    Interestingly, i've heard that some Shadhilli's make dhikr of "Hu" but Shaykh Nuh (DB) doesn't. Feel free to verify this with his murids re: the dhikr of "Hu". This doesn't mean he doesn't subscribe to the tafsir of the name of ALLAH as his murids gave him a hadiya of a set of rings

    Then he said, "They wrote on it 'Huwa Hu', and the matter is like this".

    When i told one brother the other day about Shaykh Nuh's (DB) rings and "Huwa Hu" and we've both heard the bayan of Ml Zulfiqar (DB) and the tafsir. He said that there is another tafsir that says rather than the actual name being "Hu", its the silent "h" in the letter "ha". SubhanALLAH, he said its the universal dhikr of ALLAH Subahana wa ta 'ala made by all of his creations in their breathing. Thus some pious people of the past made it a point to recognise that in breathing, they were in constant dhikr of ALLAH thus could/should never sin.

    One question though in breaking down from the first alif leaving lam (shaddah fatha) ha (dhuma) (LLAH). How is it that this is then broken down to lam (kasra) lam (shaddah fatha) ha (dhuma) (liLLAH)? Were did the extra 'lam' come from? the break down should go to a lam (kasra) lam (fatha) ha (dhuma) (liLAH)? Is is still recogniseable if the word had been written that way in arabic (i.e. lilLAH instead of liLLAH)?

    JazakALLAH wasalams

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