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    Default Miswak Tips

    Salam Alaikum,

    I've decided to start using a miswak more often starting this Ramadan insha Allah,

    And I was hoping for some tips on how to use one.

    So far i know that you should let the tip soak in water overnite, then in the morning peel of the bark and chew the wood inside for a few minutes until it becomes soft (correct me if any of this is wrong, please)

    But it is really different from using a toothbrush and adjusting for me is a little strange, so i had a couple of questions

    1) How do I know when to cut of the old bristles and make new ones? On the wrapper it says to do so when "the flavor of the miswak runs out," but what does that mean? I don't really taste a strong flavor while i'm brushing with it. There's only strong flavor when I first chew on it to make new bristles.

    2) Any tips on how to hold and maneuver the miswak? With a toothbrush it's easy because the bristles are perpendicular to the handle. But with a miswak the bristles point in the same direction as the handle, so it get's kind of awkward especially when brushing teeth that are farther back in your mouth.

    3) I always see the uncles keep their miswaks in their pockets, and they bust them out and brush their teeth like 20 times a day, and usually at just any random time. When they're done they just put the miswak right back in their pocket. So this leads me to two other questions:

    a- Do just swallow the saliva in your mouth after you're done brushing? or do you spit it out like with a toothbrush?

    b- Is it ok to keep the miswak in your pocket like that? People seem to treat miswaks very casually. On the other hand, people keep toothbrushes in the bathroom, making sure that the bristles don't touch anything.

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    Default Re: Miswak Tips

    وعليكم السلام
    There is a lot of interesting material on miswāk here, including the ādāb (etiquette) involved:

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    Default Re: Miswak Tips

    How about Mufti Abdur Rahman ibn Yusuf done a program for Baitul Hikmah called Siwak: The Miracle Brush, whilst Miracle Brush gave a presentation on the day.
    "[O God! If your mercy is confined to the obedient servants, who will have mercy on those fallen into sin."

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