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Thread: Who was Mirza Mazhar Jan Janan?

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    Default Who was Mirza Mazhar Jan Janan?

    I know this much: he was an acclaimed Sufi poet and was martyred by Shiites.

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    Default Re: Who was Mirza Mazhar Jan Janan?

    assalam alaikum..
    Hzt. Mirza Mazhar jaan janan (rah) was a distant cousin of emperor Alamgir Aurangzeb, was a wali allah of the naqshbandiyya silsila. hujjatul islam Hzt Shah waliullah muhaddis dehlvi used to qoute about him that as far as he could see..around the globe there doesnt seem to be found a more kamil wali than hzt mirza mazhar jaan janan. his disciple hzt shah ghulam ali naqshbandi has written a treatise called ' Maqamaat e Mazhari' on the spiritual achievement of hzt Mirza mazhar jaan janaan. its true that he was martyred by the rafzi shiite sect. this sinful being had the priviledge to visit his khankah in delhi and was really impressed to see it still functional devoid of any mojor bid'a. they have a library there where u can get a hand on some really classic works on tasawwuf. they have also reprinted maqamaat e mazhari again..and alhamdulillah I bought it rt away. wa assalam.

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