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I am a new member on this forum as you have probably guessed. May Allah reward you all with his mercy and Jenatul-Firdous.

I decided to take some information from my website and to share it with you all Inshah'Allah.

Are they waiting to see if the Angels come to them,
Or Thy Lord Himself,
Or certain of the signs Of thy Lord!
The day that certain Of the Signs of the Lord
Do come, no good will it do to a soul
To believe then, If it believed not before,
Nor earned righteousness Through its Faith.
Say: "Wait ye: We too Are waiting."
(Surat Al-An'am 6:158)

These words from Allah are warning us that a time is coming when Allah will not accept our pleas or cries. A time when Allah will not accept a Non-Muslim becoming a Muslim. A time when Allah will not accept any more deeds even if they are better than the whole Earth and whatever it contains. When are these times?

We have to realise that death is approaching us. Even if you try and protect yourself inside your house 24 hours a day, when your time is up, the Angel of Death will take you, no matter what.

Already, according to majority of Scholars, the minor sign signs have already appeared, and now we are waiting for the major signs. This is horrifying news for us Muslims. A day is approaching when Ad-Dajjal will appear. When he does, every Muslim will stay as he is in faith. If he was good, then he will stay good, whereas if he was bad, then he will be prone to fall towards the army of Ad-Dajjal. At that time some Angels will guard the entrances to Mecca and Medina, and they shall expel all Hypocrites from those Holy places. Those Hypocrites will fall to temptation of Ad-Dajjal. He shall be extremely deceiving with words, in a way that a man who thinks that he has strong Eman, shall approach him and will fall into his trap and become one of his own people. This is too terrifying to even imagine. This time is slowly approaching us and even the signs are here today.

One of the final signs of the hour is the rising of the Sun from the West. Once the Sun rises from the West, our record of deeds are closed forever. That is going to be the most terrifying day in History, a day that will place fear into the heart of every Human on Earth. Once this event occurs, every Human will want to believe in Islam, but we are told from the Ayat above that once these signs occur, no good will it be to believe or do righteous deeds then.

Another of the signs is the Rising of the Beast. He will come at the time of the Rising of the Sun. He will rise from Mecca and will write on the forehead of every believer, Mu'meen (believer) and Kaffer (Non-Muslim) on the disbeliever. This is evidence in the Quran in Surah An-Naml, ayat 82, which Allah tells us:

"And when the word of Torment is fulfilled against them, We shall bring out from the Earth a Beast to them, which would speak to them".

The other major signs following it are Ad-Dukhan (The Smoke), The Pleasant Wind, and the final Major Sign will be The Fire.

Apart from the major signs mentioned, one sign we must certainly take heed of, is our own death. At that time we shall see the Angels of Mercy, or the Angels of Punishment descending upon us to take our souls. Once we set our eyes upon the Angels, our book of deeds is closed. It is too late. No turning back, no more forgiveness. Just eternal regret or eternal happiness. This is what it means when Allah says in the Ayat, "Are they waiting to see if the Angels come to them".

Allah is warning us, do not wait to see the major signs of the Hereafter, because once we do, it is too late. We are underestimating Allah and his punishment. We are acting as if his punishment is some sort of torture that we can handle. Subhanallah, his real punishment is beyond pain. He is the creator of pain and happiness. We must take the advantage of his mercy and forgiveness by turning to him in regret and Du'a, begging Him for mercy and help.

"The doors of forgiveness are open in the Morning, and the doors of forgiveness are open in the Evening, and this shall continue till the Sun rises in the West". These are the words of our beloved Prophet Muhammad (salla Allaahu 'alayhi wa salaam).

Even more regret that day is when we see Allah Himself before us. Looking towards our Creator in his magnificence, His astonishing beauty and His limitless power would be enough to turn any arrogant king to a man full of loss, sorrow and humbleness beyond words of description or imagination. Allah is asking us, are we waiting to see the face of our Lord before we change? We must purify ourselves before facing our creator, unless we want to meet Him ('Azzawajal) face to face with sins upon our backs. So how do we purify ourselves? By seeking forgiveness in Allah each day and each night, to constantly make Du'a everyday, to follow His rules that He has prescribed upon us, to try and avoid sin to the best of our ability, and to avoid the Haram no matter what. Through these rules that we apply upon ourselves, we will stand before our Lord proud and happy through his honouring and happiness towards us Inshah'Allah, because of our obedience towards our Wonderful Creator.

There will be nothing better and more magnificent, than to be honoured by The Most Gracious on that Great Day. Obey Allah, and you will be between these people Inshah'Allah.

Since Allah is so powerful and mighty, He (Azzawajal) does not need us. We need Him since He is our creator. Even if you are the only Human on Earth worshipping Allah, you are never alone. The animals, insects, plants, everything on Earth including the mountains, the water, the wind, the planets, the galaxies, the stars etc, all praise Allah day and night. So which arrogant Human can turn around thinking that Allah needs him? This Earth is a like a drop in an ocean. If you obey Him, you shall be rewarded with treasures beyond the Human Imagination of Fun. If you disobey Him, then you shall be rewarded with torture and pain for however long Allah wills. We have the choice today. Do not delay it for another day, for that final minute of your life can determine your eternal fate, which is why Allah (SubhaanuWat'ala) says in the final part of the Ayat, "Wait ye: We too Are waiting."


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