As-salaamualaikum Warahmatullaahi Wabarakaatuh,

There is a Teacher who can inshaALLAH teach almost all subjects to your children (except mathematics for Intermediate Level). Alhamdulillaah you might be here to get education yourself or you might be here to look for a good teacher who can teach your children Online along with some advices regarding Islam or Sunnah. This Sister is From India and has a Very Nice Teaching Background Alhamdulillaah. She has a Very good efficiency of getting success rates from Students Alhamdulillaah.

Experience in Teaching -

1) Has been a Teacher for 2 years @ B.ed college
2) Has been a private tutor for high school students and intermediate students for 5 years,
3) Has a Online Teaching Experience of 3 years,
4) Has given Online Training for Interviews for 1 year,
5) She has also studied for M.Ed how to teach kids and have taught teacher trainees, how to teach, at BEd college for 2 years.

This Sister can teach -

1) Training in Interviewing Skills
2) Teach Beginners Spoken English
3) Intermediate English with Grammer
4) A Level Biological Science for school Students in UK
5) Educational Psychology as well for high school, middle school and intermediate as well
6) Science, social studies, math and english for CBSE school students (No mathematics for Intermediate Level)

inshaALLAH + some Islamic advices on the way of learning.

For school kids , She takes the complete responsibility but for college students, just teaching their subjects.

True Success Story - There was a boy who was been taught in a very famous school (Their Annual Fee was 1 lakh 75000) was asked to leave the school because he failed in all subjects, except math and IT. This Teacher got him in the middle of 8th grade. She taugh him for only 2 months and he passed to 9th now Alhamdulillaah.

Fees -
5 Dollars Per Hour = 250 INR = for 6th Standard
6 Dollars per hour = 300 INR = For 8th standard
7 Dollars per hour = 350 INR = For 9th Standard
For Training in Interviewing Skills = 350 INR (Indian Rupees) Per Hour
To Teach Beginners Spoken English = 200 INR (Indian Rupees) Per Hour
To Intermediate English with Grammer = 300 INR (Indian Rupees) Per Hour
For Teaching A Level Biological Science for school Students in UK = >350 IN

Name - Balqis Thahaveetil
For more information you can Contact her here -
Skype: balqisthahaveetil