Assalam Alaikum.

I was listening to a bayan by Haji Abdul Wahab Sahab. He mentioned that once he was giving a bayan in Raiwind. During the bayan, a very strong earthquake came. It was so strong that it shook the places from Kabul to Delhi. People started fearing and getting up.

Haji Sahab told them "Hey sit! Just do istaghfaar".

When Haji Sahab said this, the earthquake stopped immediately!

The bayan can be heard from the following link.

It is from an ijtema at South Africa. Fast forward to 58 minutes and 15 seconds for the urdu part, and to 1 hour - 12 minutes and 15 seconds for english translation. The whole bayan is great.

Amazing stuff. Haji Sahab is a wali Allah and this incident further confirms that.