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Thread: Beyluxe Messenger

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    Default Beyluxe Messenger

    You can download it from here

    Sign up .. Make an user id
    Goto rooms < Asia Pacific < Pakistan < Haqeeqat Ahle Sunaat wal Jamaaat

    Marhaba ** LivE ** Discussion******** ( Haq Yaar ) ********************************< WE Do Rad e batilah> =====EXCLUSIVE News Ghair Muqaldoon koo ===== .************OPEN CHALLENGE************ . _ Plzz No Face nahee too bounce malay ga bhai so plzzz_ Daily * Live *Tafseer e QURAN Class ( 07.00 am PST) Arbic Learning Class ( 10.30 pm PST ). Please join us,Jazakumullah khyr. and get benefit inshaAllah

    Nice place mashAllah , 24 hours service . Any questions , get instant voice to voice answer
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    Default Re: Beyluxe Messenger

    assalam u alikum

    kya haal hai ap ka
    i m also a user of beyluxe messenger i just need ur help plz send me echo mic software if u have i will be very great full to you...

    my nick on beyluxe is billymukati2

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