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Thread: The Dajjal already exists?

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    Default The Dajjal already exists?

    I've watched a really good youtube video, here's some interesting information from the video

    Nebi muhammed aleyhiselam informed us
    of the release of dajjal into the world during his lifetime.

    During his lifetime.

    One day like a year. One day like a month. One day like a week. And the rest of his days like your days.

    But when dajjal was in a day like a year Britain was his headquarters.

    And when dajjal moved to a day which is like a month the united states of America became his headquarters

    and finally when dajjal is going to be in a day which is like a week he comes back home, to the holy land. He comes back home to the holy land.

    According to Islam, one heavenly year is like a 1000 human years, and as such we can understand that the Dajjal ruled from Britain for 1000 years.

    By no coincidence the British monarchy dates back to the year 900

    In 1917 America officially enters the World War, and this is the step that establishes it as the new global Super Power.

    The dajjal rules from there in a "day like a month".

    So if a year equals a 1000 years.

    A month would be 1000/12 which equals 83 years.

    1917 + 83 =the year 2000.

    Then the dajjal will rule from Israel for a "day like a week"

    Following the same formula, "a day like a week", should be 83 years divided by 4. Which equals almost 21 years. Which brings us to the years 2020-2023 (depending if they were lunar or solar years) By then, the illuminati is expected to move and secure the rule of the world of Israel.

    Welcome to the final stages of the dajjal's plan. What is at stake is more then one small country, it is a big idea.a new world order.

    11, september 2001, all independent research proves 9-11 was an inside job!

    In 2002 In 2002 Afghanistan gets invaded.
    In 2003 Iraq gets invaded. In 2006 Lebanon gets invaded. In the years following Sept. 11th, the United States establishes bases in over 10 countries across the Middle East. Securing the rulership and safety of Israel. As the final capital of the New World Order. Just like Prophet Mohammed (pbuhf) revealed 1400 years ago.

    Do you now understand what all the problems in the Middle East and the world are based on? I guarantee you that every single deal or war coming up, will be for the protection establishment, or security of The State Of Israel.
    Where the opposition will always be fought. The dajjal will materialize and take to his throne in Israel.

    And from then onwards, continues the rest of his days like our earthly days.

    What is assured in the Quran and in the :Hadeeths of Prophet Mohammed (pbuhf) is the following... Victory will definitely be for those who will follow Imam al Mahdi, and join the true messiah Jesus (pbuh).

    But sadly, the majority of the world will follow the false messiah, believeing him to be the true one. Because they were not true believers, and did not study the signs.

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    Default Re: The Dajjal already exists?

    I find the calculations very wrong. There is no where in Islam it tells us 1 heavenly year = 1000 human years.
    Surah 22:47 “Yet they ask thee to hasten on the Punishment! But God will not fail in His Promise. Verily a Day in the sight of thy Lord is like a thousand years of your reckoning.”
    Surah 32:5 "He regulates the affair from the heaven to the earth; then shall it ascend to Him in a day/period the measure of which is a thousand years of what you count.”

    Very flawed calculations....

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