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Thread: 100% Halal handmade Skincare

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    Smile 100% Halal handmade Skincare

    Assalam wa alaikum,

    My name is Asma I embraced Islam about 9 yrs ago now

    As a Muslim I was finding it extremely difficult to find skincare products that suited my beliefs. Most lotions, creams and bath products have either chemicals, alcohol or have been tested on animals and sometimes all three.
    I decided to research if and how i could make my own.After finding that I could Produce my own skincare, my journey began.
    I started by using established recipes and after gaining confidence I began to experiment with my own recipes for different skin types.
    I know that Women, Muslim and non-Muslim alike have concerns about what they are putting on their skin.
    Some chemicals are harsh and irritate sensitive skin or take away natural oil so making dry skin dryer.
    Sisters are concerned about the content of alcohol, Most women are concerned about animal welfare and some are vegetarian or vegan.

    I homeschool my daughter, and when I was told that the help I get as a single parent will stop when she reaches 7 I panicked!
    I would I have to sacrifice the homeschooling so I could provide for her?
    Then it came to me, as I have spoken to lots of women regarding skincare and understanding their concerns, why couldnt I give self employment a go?
    You Know, a cottage industry of my own?
    Handmade, honest 100% natural Halal products at reasonable prices.
    producing stressfree skincare to those who have the same or similar beliefs to me.
    They wouldnt have to worry about ingredients just enjoy the benefits of the creams and things I make. I have also had fun making bath bombs with my daughter, different smells for different moods and states of being, so would like to produce some of these also.

    Being able to have full confidence in the fact that nothing that goes into the products has harmed or is harmful to anyone or anything. 100% halal and natural, with nothing else added, so the products I make will have a sell by date as I dont even want to add chemical preservatives to my range, I will use things that are natural to preserve.

    I want to produce skincare that is good for the skin and also doesnt effect the environment in an adverse way.
    Products that you can see, feel and smell are natural. Alcohol free, no nasty chemicals and tested on people not animals!

    I'd like to use packaging that is 100% biodegradable or recyclable.
    using 100% pure and organic raw materials, as in essential oils, clay, bees or jojoba wax and other oils for the creams. ethically sourced if possible.
    reasonable honest prices, made with sincerety and love for my fellow sisters in islam and sisters in humanity.
    Just skincare and bath bombs, no huge ranges of stuff just products I like and I hope you will too, Insh'Allah (If god Wills). Lovely smells that will excite the senses or calm and relax the mind. fruity, creamy, fresh or citrus. For whichever skin type you are I hope to have made something for you.
    All my products will be handmade by me, some recipes have been adapted and tweeked from other recipes I have found along the way. I have tried to make products for a range of skin types whether you have normal, oily or acne prone, sensitive or dry skin I hope you will find a product that suits you. and of course it will all be 100% Halal/vegetarian and if you are a vegan I can make my recipe to your request using some different ingredients for you.

    Basicallly I want to provide a good skincare range for my sisters and take the hassle out of searching for decent products.

    Please check my site out and see what you think leave me any suggestions
    and please make dua for this venture insh'Allah my intentions are pure to help the female part of the Ummah.
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    Default Re: 100% Halal handmade Skincare

    i wish you all the best and INSHALLAH it will be a success.
    just wanted to ask how much the initial outlay would be to get the whole project off the ground.if you cant discuss here then can i leave message on your website ?

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    Default Re: 100% Halal handmade Skincare


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