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Thread: Tahajjud prayer

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    Default Tahajjud prayer


    i would like to know...the step by step correct procedure for tahajjud parayer.

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    As far as i know, It is same as other Nafl salath except for the timing. It should be done after Isha and before Fajr. Best in the last third of the night.

    Tip: If you find it difficult initially to wake in the last part of the night, there is a good method for starters. Before you go to sleep in bed, sit in a chair n sleep for a few mins after Isha. Then you can perform tahajjud and go to sleep.

    P.s. I ve a question too, I ve heard it is necessary to sleep before Tahajjud? I just want to confirm this.

    Also I found out an old post regarding Tahajjud in this forum. InshAllah it will help all of us.

    Quote Originally Posted by ridhwan View Post

    Correct Time for Tahajjud

    The time of Tahajjud extends from the time of Isha until Subh Sadiq [true dawn]. Ahadith related from Hadhrat Aa'isha state that Nabi sometimes performed Tahajjud in the early portion of the night and on occasions when half the night had passed. However, towards the latter part of his life he frequently performed it in the last portion of the night. As the night progresses, Allah Ta'ala's Mercy and Blessings increase. Hence, the last sixth of the night is most preferred. [Maktoobat Shaikh ul Islaam 77 p 202 - Fatawa Rahimiya vol 2 p 376]

    Dua to Assist in Waking Up for Tahajjud

    A person remarked to Abdullah bin Abbas , "I always intend awakening in the last portion of the night to perform Salaat but sleep overpowers me." Ibne Abbas replied, "Before sleeping recite from "QUL LAW KAANAL BAHRU MIDADAL..." to the end of Surah Kahf. Allah Ta'ala will waken you at whatever time you intend rising." [Tha'labi-Ma'ariful Quraan vol 5]

    Number of Rakaats in Tahajjud

    The number of rakaats performed by Nabi varied according to the prevailing circumstances. Although on certain occasions sufficient time was available, Nabi would perform less rakaats reciting lengthy Qiraat. [Khasa'ile Nabawee p 156]

    Deducing from the various narrations four to twelve rakaats in units of two or four have been recommended. [Imdaadul Fatawa vol 1 -Baab finnawaafil / Maraqiyul Falah]

    However if two rakaats are performed in the prescribed time it will be regarded as Tahajjud. [Raddul Mukhtaar 1/715]

    Ref: Tahajjud Explained

    Wallahu Aalam

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