I have been reading about a book of Duas called Manzil. I wanted to get some info regarding what are the benefits of Manzil

and also if there is a specific count or method in which it should be recited? I have a few friends that read it on regular

basis but they do not have an answer to this so i was wondering if anyone on this forum can help me get the answer.

Also are there any different versions of Manzil? i did a search online and i see a few sites that have the audio as well as

the book but i am not sure if they are all exactly the same. The reason i ask this is because i have been previously told by

a few friends to be very careful when i search for islamic related info on the web to make sure that it is authentic. So is

there an authentic source on the web that you know that you can suggest? Also if there a Mobile version available so i can

have it in my mobile to have it with me when i need to read it.