Salaam my brothers and sisters in Islam

I have a question to ask and i hope to hear some replies with hopefully relevant answers insyaAllah.

I know a person, she has been wishing to perform hajj for a long time already but has not been granted the financial means to do so until recently. Unfortunately, just afew months back, she has been diagnosed with diabetes and both her legs have been amputated and so she is wheelchair bound. And to complicate matters, she has to go through dialysis 3-4 times a week. Now that she has money to perform hajj, she had enquired at various agencies if its possible to make the trip but all of them declined her request as it would be too difficult to allow her to perform it especially the fact that she has to do dialysis. So to sum it up:

- she has the money to do perform hajj but agencies won't take her in
- she lost both her legs and is wheelchair bound
- she has to go through dialysis 3-4 times a week
- she is very frail and weak

So now she is asking if she could ask someone(who has already been to hajj before), to perform hajj on her behalf. Is this permissible?

Note: i am just asking for opinions based on your knowledge. I have also emailed my local imams to ask for answers and am waiting for replies. Thank you in advance.