Dear Members,

Assalamu Alaikum,

I hope that every will be fine by the grace of Allah, Inshallah this year my mother and family is planning to come for Hajj from Karachi (Pakistan).
I lived in Riyadh (Saudi Arabia).

The plan was that my family which inlcudes my mother, my sister (she is above 18 years old) and my brother (he is 16 year old). All have valid passports. Initial plan was that they will come with my friends family in Private Hajj Group but to my surprise Hajj group said that my brother who is 16 year old can not go for Hajj as per the policy. This come to us a very big surprise.

Also through my contact i got information that my brother can go for Hajj. I am really confused and really want clear information regarding this issue.

We are disparately planning to go for HAJJ as Hajj is farz on my mother , my sister and my hajj (as my brother is adult (balig) per islamic rules).

I will be very very thankful to you if anyone can provide this information, i will be very very thankful.

Thanks & JazakAllah
Muhammad Nasim